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Attraction Spreads Outdoors!

The allure of the outdoors is growing! With rising interest and the diversification of garden leisure products, outdoor entertainment and leisure spaces are becoming a major industry.

People now want to enjoy nature while combining comfort and fun. Gardens, terraces, and parks are becoming the most popular spots not only for relaxation but also for enjoyable activities, as the market continues to expand.

2025 Exhibition Theme

In line with its ‘Happy Cities’ mission, ATRAX Expo emphasizes how important activity areas and parks are for cities, children, the general population and the environment; It continues to focus on creating space for a healthy society and socialization and creating happy cities.
Within the scope of this mission, by determining the 2025 theme as ‘Contribution to a sustainable life’, it highlights that improving social life and sustainability are intertwined and complementary elements.

Ready to increase your visibility in this growing market?

Turkey's Geographical Location Paves the Way for Success!

One of the important elements that distinguishes this fair from other international fairs is ‘accessibility’.
In addition to the organizational success of the fair, which attracted great attention and achieved success; Turkey’s strong production capacity, product diversity, price-quality balance and logistics advantages also provide added value to the fair.
İstanbul is an ideal location for industry members and investors from all over the world to reach new markets and meet customers.

ATRAX is easily accessible from all over the world with the advantage of Turkish Airlines, the airline company that flies directly to most cities in the world to and from Istanbul.


Social and attraction facilities in cities have a great impact on how we feel in our lives and are sources of happiness for residents. Sustainable and people-focused cities make their residents happy for living in those cities. Positive experiences are the prerequisite for sense of belonging for people.

Efforts to achieve happy cities are not shallow and all efforts aimed at improving social life are crucial for the
success of cities.

Urban spaces can be designed in a manner to allow easy access to social amenities, attractions and sports facilities all of which aim improved physical and mental wellbeing of residents of a city. ATRAX Exhibition covers this subject in the most comprehensive manner to include urban planning, public space design, attractions and playground, and social and sports facilities and brings the players of the sector together with local governments, public authorities and universities.


ATRAX, organized at Istanbul Expo Center between 11-13 January; It received full marks from the industry with its size, number of visitors and quality.
The fair reached 18,960 visitors from 87 countries, with 352 participants from 19 countries; It presented a comprehensive overview of products in the fields of amusement, game equipment, vending machines, park and outdoor sports equipment, sports grounds, pool, spa, water attraction, landscaping, tiny house and garden living areas.

*It received many visitors from Europe, Africa, Caucasian Countries and Middle Eastern countries.
*It brought a holistic perspective to the sector and discussed the sector with all its players.
*It offered an easily accessible fair to its visitors in 5 halls divided thematically according to product groups.
*New companies and new products attracted attention. 102 companies participating for the first time added synergy to the show.
*In addition to Turkey, the countries that sent the most visitors were Russia, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
*The show received appreciation from the industry by achieving 80% growth compared to last year.
*The biggest meeting of the pool industry in Turkey after many years took place at AQUAFUN.

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